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The Woodland Dunes Nature Center & Preserve is home to creatures of all kinds, but in particular there is a strong focus given to the nesting Osprey that call the center home. Woodland Dunes had lost several cameras to lightning strikes in the past before contacting N-Tech Consulting. Because these cameras had been damaged and destroyed before, the Nature Center was looking for more reliable and durable equipment to allow the live Osprey feed to be viewed both inside their building, as well as online.


Having previously designed and installed a camera solution on the water in Two Rivers, we were up to the challenge! Examining every point of contact, our professional service and IT systems engineers were tasked with not only installing a functioning camera that would withstand the elements, but also on finding the best solution to avoid further electrical issues in the future. Working with a local fabrication shop on behalf of Woodland Dunes, we were able to design a custom camera mount to work in conjunction with a waterproof Axis Communications camera. In addition, we properly grounded the camera to ensure that if the mount or device was ever struck by lightning again the current would travel harmlessly to the ground instead of to the building and device. 


This was an extra measure of safety and hazard avoidance to protect all of their other equipment on premise. At the end of this project, Woodland Dunes Nature Center & Preserve was able to count on N-Tech to deliver a modernized, and more durable camera solution.Visitors can view the Osprey nest inside the Nature Center.

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