At N-Tech Consulting we represent a brand of trust, industry intelligence and innovation. Our culture consists of creative architects and digital pioneers committed to providing each business we represent with a seamless and fully committed partnership.

Our core values derive from a long line of success. We carry out those values into every new endeavor we venture into. You can trust us to fully understand your business objectives and to see that they are carried out accordingly to the very end. We are your team, your partner, and your support. We are N-Tech.

Elevating business operations and watching our customers succeed with technology is what drives us at N-Tech. Our focus on the why and transparent communication style is what sets us apart and gives our clients the information needed to feel confident making business-critical decisions. We bring a wide range of expertise to effectively recommend the best solutions to fulfill your needs and enable for growth.


Founded in 2015, N-Tech was two bodies with a passion to share their knowledge with the world. Realizing they had struck success in local dentist offices, soon N-Tech’s two man team became an 11 member crew serving local businesses in Denmark and Green Bay, WI. Now N-Tech is delivering solutions throughout the Midwest.

What Our Partners are saying

“Since N-Tech has taken over management of our IT network for the past 1.5 years, they have done an outstanding job of upgrading our servers and hardware and ensuring that our practices are running smoothly and efficiently. In the digital world of seeing patients, we cannot afford to be having IT problems constantly occurring during busy clinical days. We all understand how that impacts our patient flow and the stresses which it creates. Thank you N-Tech, for making our days go smoothly!!!”
Dr. Edward Y. Lin. DDS, MS
Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay


Our process is what makes us different. We know there is more than one solution and there is always more to the equation.


We discover and analyze current and future business objectives using a strategic approach towards problem solving.


A strategic road map is designed to seamlessly implement and embed our services into your business objectives both current and future.


You’ll know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it ties in with your business. Every solution we implement is completely transparent


Our engineers not only implement the solutions generated for your business, but continue to seamlessly MAINTAIN them from beginning to end.


Here at N-Tech Consulting it is our team of highly driven individuals that makes up our appetite for success. Each member is encouraged to bring their own uniqueness and passion to the table that drives them to their next goal. Come be part of the team!
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