What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Cloud?

The cloud is everywhere. That might seem intimidating, but everyone uses it at some point. You may not realize you are using it, but every […]

The cloud is everywhere. That might seem intimidating, but everyone uses it at some point. You may not realize you are using it, but every time you update your Facebook or Twitter status, you’re using the cloud. Many people are beginning to believe that using the cloud is the future and some believe that the hype of it will soon fade. Companies of all sizes are beginning to follow the new trend of making the switch over to the cloud. So why are these companies making the switch? Just like any other form of technology, there are many advantages and disadvantages that come with it. Taking the time to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the cloud may help you decide if your company should make the switch.

Any place that has an internet connection can access the cloud. On top of being able to access it anywhere, you can access it on any type of mobile device at any time. This means businesses can allow employees to work anywhere. The cloud can even help save costs. Companies want to keep their expenses as low as possible. With the cloud, there is no in-house server storage and application requirements that have licensing fees. The cloud can have cheaper rates such as a one-time payment or pay as you go option. Having all of your data stored in the cloud makes backup and recovery much easier. Creating a second copy of files that can be stored remotely and then  accessed anywhere with internet connection is great if a disaster were to occur. Although everything sounds great, there are downsides when working in the cloud.

Even though the cloud is easily accessible, there is the possibility of having to deal with downtime. This means outages and technical issues may occur, which will lead to not being able to access any of your files. You may experience downtime because of the cloud service provider or if your internet were to go offline. One major concern people have is how secure the cloud is. Cloud service providers apply the best security, but it’s important to keep in mind that you do share important files to an external provider, which can be risky. Their security could end up being hacked and then your files could be stolen or deleted. Even if the provider tries to make sure everything is perfectly secure, it’s hard to be one hundred percent sure that they actually are.

Use of the cloud does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Like everything else, there are advantages and disadvantages to using the cloud. Although there are concerns for possible downtime and how secure the cloud is, it can be accessed anywhere, save your company money, and it’s great for recovering files. If you have questions or are ready to get set up for the cloud, give us a call at (855) 711-6601 or email us at

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