Having a reliable, consistent, and easy to use phone system is paramount when in the dental industry. Being available and easily accessible to your clients is non-negotiable. Having a system that seamlessly integrates and is user friendly is just as important. We at N-Tech have a long standing background in telephony where we identify and implement the best solution for our clients

We know that no practice is the same; so with our proven discover, design, develop, and deploy methodologies, we look forward to partnering together to take your telephony to the next level.
N-Tech Consulting in Partnership with RingCentral.


Our process is what makes us different. We know there is more than one solution and there is always more to the equation.


We discover and analyze current and future business objectives using a strategic approach towards problem solving.


A strategic road map is designed to seamlessly implement and embed our services into your business objectives both current and future.


You’ll know exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it and how it ties in with your business. Every solution we implement is completely transparent


Our engineers not only implement the solutions generated for your business, but continue to seamlessly MAINTAIN them from beginning to end.
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