White-Glove IT Services So You Can Elevate & Grow Your Day-To-Day Operation.

Our non-intrusive Tech Assessment highlights issues and abnormalities while recommending potential solutions. We will assess everything from Potential Risk, Disk Space, Operating System Review, and AntiVirus Detection. Schedule your Tech Assessment and find out how we can help your practice today!

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Technology plans designed to optimize your day-to-day operations.

Protection with Peace of Mind

It takes one security breach to cripple your business. Don’t let preventable vulnerabilities comprise your tech environment.

100% Compliant 100% of the Time

It takes one security breach to cripple your business. Don’t let preventable vulnerabilities comprise .

An Extension of Your Business

Rest easy knowing that our staff is already familiar with managing a wide variety of  management software and applications.

Not Your Typical Managed Services Provider

Our mission as a managed services provider is to make your job easier. Since 2015 we’ve specialized in helping business's across the country work smarter with technology that supports their uniqueness, provides reliable security, and scales for long-term growth. We are a partner first and a technology provider second.

What Our Partners are saying

  • “Since N-Tech has taken over management of our IT network for the past 1.5 years, they have done an outstanding job of upgrading our servers and hardware and ensuring that our practices are running smoothly and efficiently. In the digital world of seeing patients, we cannot afford to be having IT problems constantly occurring during busy clinical days. We all understand how that impacts our patient flow and the stresses which it creates. Thank you N-Tech, for making our days go smoothly!!!”
    Dr. Edward Y. Lin. DDS, MS
    Orthodontic Specialists of Green Bay
  • “After several years of our business relationship, I’ve learned that we get “big” business quality with small town personal relationships. I highly recommend N-Tech for any of your IT needs.”
    Dr. Pete Hehli, DS
    Owner of Northstar Dental Group
  • “What can I say… ask my wife, once I started working with N-Tech I literally stopped complaining about my IT issues at my office. After years of inadequate IT support with the ‘quick fixes’ at my office from multiple companies, I finally found one that does it consistently right and knocks it out of the park for me. N-Tech is definitely a top-notch company you want to associate yourself with.”
    Dr. Chad Yenchesky
    Owner of Fox View Dental

Industry-Leading Partnerships

The continued success of our trusted partners is what fuels our innovation and helps to strengthen current and future business endeavors.
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