5 Cybersecurity Predictions You Should Plan For

Cybersecurity is evolving and changing every day. As we start quarter two, you need to be aware of current and future cyber threats that can […]

Cybersecurity is evolving and changing every day. As we start quarter two, you need to be aware of current and future cyber threats that can affect businesses of all sizes.

Staying ahead of the curve is vital to safeguarding your data and protecting your business. Our team at N-Tech Consulting is on a mission to keep you informed in the cybersecurity space.

Here are some key cybersecurity predictions you should be aware of as we move forward through 2024 and beyond.

1. The double-edged AI Sword 

The biggest game-changer and creating the most buzz is Artificial intelligence (AI). AI has enabled faster and more accurate threat detection, response, and prevention. However, it also poses many new risks too, like pushing misinformation, and exploiting and exposing business vulnerabilities. 

For example, there are plenty of malicious actors using chatbots to generate:

  • Conniving phishing emails
  • Fake news articles
  • Deepfake videos and images

This type of poisonous content can deceive viewers. Organizations need robust security procedures that include a human-in-the-loop approach to work in tandem with AI systems. The N-Tech SOC is a perfect example of this. We have real people working alongside AI to protect against these threat actorsThese steps will help minimize risks and harness the power of AI for a more secure future. Thus, minimizing risks and harnessing the power of AK for a more secure future. 

2. Hacktivism Will Rise in Prominence 

Hacktivism is the use of hacking techniques to promote a political or social cause. Once hackers have access to a targets data, they use it to expose corruption, protest injustice, or support a movement. 

Hacktivists are targeting organizations that they see as opponents to their cause. This may include governments, corporations, or media outlets. The goal is to disrupt their operations as well as deface their websites and leak their data. 

Hacktivism has been around for decades. However, it is projected to increase throughout the year because of our political climate and other major global events, like the Paris Olympics and the 2024 Presidential Election. 

By being proactive and defending networks and systems now, businesses will become vigilant against hacktivist attacks and keep their reputation positive.

3. Ransomware Will Continue to be a Persistent Threat

Everyone has heard of ransomware at some point, whether it be in a spy movie or hearing stories about a local or national company falling victim to these types of attacks. But what is it? Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts a victim's data and then the attacker demands a ransom for decryption. 

In 2023, it has been reported that ransomware attacks increased by more than 95% over the prior year and will likely continue to rise in 2024. 

Ransomware attackers are evolving with tech and new variants, tactics, and targets are emerging. For example, ransomware attackers can leverage AI to enhance their encryption algorithms to evade detection and demand and customize their ransom demands.

4. Cyber Insurance Will Gain Influence

Does your business have cyber insurance? If not, it’s time to invest in it. Cyber insurance covers the losses and liabilities from cyberattacks.

Cyber insurance can help organizations recover from cyber incidents faster and more effectively as they can provide financial compensation, legal help, or technical support. Most cyber insurers may impose certain requirements or standards on their customers. 

5. The Looming Threat of Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing is still a few years away from reaching its peak, but it has already become a serious threat to the security of current encryption standards. 

Quantum computers can break encryption algorithms that are widely used to protect in-transit data, and data at rest. This makes it easier for quantum-enabled hackers to compromise sensitive data, like financial transactions and customer information.

Businesses need to start preparing for these scenarios by assessing their potential risks. Then, adapting quantum-resistant technologies and deploying quantum-safe architectures.

Be Proactive About Cybersecurity 

The cybersecurity landscape will continue to evolve and is doing so rapidly. This is why businesses and individuals must be protective and prepare for these emerging threats.

We are here to help ensure your business is in a secure environment for years to come. N-Tech Consulting will craft a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy in place for you when you schedule a time for a tech assessment and learn more about the N-Tech SOC

Reach out today, before it’s too late.


Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

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