Using a unified and cohesive visual message is only part of the equation. Speaking and talking as a representative of N-Tech should always follow the principles and agendas outlined here. 


At N-Tech we’ve seen a lot in a short period of time. We’ve all worked at large corporations where the goal - our customer - is sometimes lost. We recognize that technology and digital jargon can be overload for many business owners. That’s why we need to speak like the experienced and compassionate business partner we only used to dream of.
We treat every potential customer seriously. We want to educate our clients in a professional and confident manner without being condescending or too high-brow.
Using unique professionalism and a conversational, partner based voice, we blend technical speak with laymen terminology to make customer’s lives easier. We prefer the subtle and matter of fact over noisy and misleading, the personal connection over the snake oil or smoke and mirrors. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we never take our customers and their needs for granted.
Whether people know what they need from us or don’t know the first thing about technology or digital services, every word we say should inform and educate. We should impart our expertise with clarity, transparency, and understanding. We are people that care, not robots.



Time is money. We speak plain English, cut out the jargon, and get to the point quickly without being callous and apathetic. It’s not what you say, but how you say it.


We want to show our customers we are unique. We are free-thinking. That we are real people. We cannot and will not be cold and void of humanity. We do this by having conversations like we would with our family, friends, or colleagues


Only experts can make what’s difficult look easy, and we excel at helping foster B2B relationships and truly explain and demystify the unknown for our customers. Easy, easy, easy.


We understand the world our customers are living in: one muddled by information overload and intentional misdirection. We avoid being out of touch and keep our ‘curtains open’. Because businesses come to N-Tech for help, not more headaches and false promises.


Our sense of humor is not something to shy away from. We are subtle, approachable, and a tad eccentric. We’re unique but not inappropriate, smart and nerdy, but never snobbish. We prefer smiles to shouting. We’re never condescending or exclusive - we always bring our customers in on the joke and are waiting wtih a high-five when requested.


N-Tech’s tone mirrors who we are. Usually informal, but still professional and always focused on the customer’s needs/goals. It is most important to be clear and transparent while maintaining a professional demeanor. When you’re talking to someone on the phone or writing an email, consider that customer’s state of mind.
Are they excited about working with us? Are they confused and buried under a mountain of stress? Did we knock it out of the park for them, or did we just take down their entire network? Once you have an idea of their current emotional state, you can adjust tone accordingly.
N-Tech has a sense of wit and humor, so feel free to use those traits when it’s appropriate if it comes naturally to you. However, do not go out of your way to make a joke or deflect valid questions - forced humor can be worse than none at all. If you’re unsure, keep a straight face and fall back into “professional and direct mode”.
Remaining professional under stress and not sounding like a call-center robot is paramount. We need to portray the WE of our partnership at all times. Customers have many tech and digital firms to choose from, but we need to show them why N-Tech is the only true partner for them.

02- LOGO

Based on simple shapes, our logo is designed to allow for perfect legibility at any size and any application. It’s characteristics allow scaling from small to large sizes on both print and screen. Logo placement is dependent on communication type and use. Do not stretch or manipulate logo in any way as shown.


Our logo should be backed ONLY by white or dark blue. Any other colors or use is to be approved by the Digital Team.
Do Not: Sizing
Do not stretch!
Please Scale with proportion
Do Not: Fonts
Do not use any other fonts
Do Not: Color
Do not change coloring


Our typography was selected to maximize impact across all applications. While still ensuring maximum legibility. Each font is available for download in various weight options based on use case. It is imperative to organize typography in a hierarchical system through scale and weight according to importance within the communication desired.
PROXIMA NOVA - Heading Typography
Download Font
Lato - Body Typography
Download Font


Our brand colors help portray who N-Tech is without having to utter a single word. The mix of primary and secondary colors we have selected create a harmonious balance between the cool and warm tones found in all walks of life.

Orange: is energetic and warm. It is associated with joy, sunshine, and playfulness. You often find it used in logos to stimulate emotions and appetites. Common associations with orange also include creativity, enthusiasm, lightheartedness, affordability, and youth.

Blue: is cool and serene. It is most often perceived as trustworthy, loyal, dependable, and stable. Studies have shown that blue is the preferred color of men. Common associations with blue also include authority, calmness, confidence, dignity, loyalty, success, security, serenity, and trustworthiness.


CMYK: 0  44  83  0 
RGB: 249  159  67
HEX: #f99f43
CMYK: 99  82  46  53
RGB: 05  35  62
HEX: #05233e
CMYK: 77  27  0  0
RGB: 08  150  212
HEX: #05233e


CMYK: 84  85  0  0
RGB: 74  69  161
HEX: #4a45a1
CMYK: 62  0  28  0 
RGB: 84  195  193
HEX: #54c3c1
CMYK: 0  44  83  0
RGB: 249  159  67
HEX: #4bb863
CMYK: 70  0  83  0
RGB: 75  184  99
HEX: #737071


Less is more. Our stationery, business cards, documents, and presentations are required to represent our company and remain clean and minimal in design. Approved stationery, is available for download whenever needed. If you have any questions, please contact the Digital Team.
N-Tech Consulting Letterhead


Our Den Tech Complete offering blends lasting enterprise-grade hardware and state-of-the-art software with our growth-oriented mentality focused on completely supporting dental office infrastructures.



DenTech Complete Letterhead
DenTechComplete/WDA Letterhead