Managed Service Provider Green Bay

Managed Service Provider Green Bay

How We Work As A Managed Service Provider In Green Bay

We are a managed service provider in Green Bay and we have been operating for many years. As a managed service provider in Green Bay, we can boost your business in a variety of ways. We combine the latest technology with our experience and expertise to give you a technological advantage over most of your competitors.

The companies that have hired us to be their managed service provider in Green Bay have all been satisfied with the results of our efforts. We can also render the same services to your company. Our services have been outlined below.

Web development and digital marketing

The crux of our services is to design your website and also develop it and we also specialize in all forms of digital marketing. Due to the level of competition among businesses, it is no longer enough to launch a website, you must now optimize it for search engine.

To optimize our clients’ websites for search engines in other to boost their ranking and to also carry out effective digital marketing for them, we usually adopt the techniques outlined below and more.

Keyword Research

We constantly carry out keyword searches to find out the keywords that are frequently searched within your niche. We will now develop necessary content around those keywords. Of course we know that these keywords change regularly and that is why we carry out these searches on a regular basis.

Social Media Marketing

We also handle your social media marketing by managing your social media accounts to help you increase the number of your followers and to also seek regular feedbacks from your followers. When you have any product to advertise, they will be your first audience.

Apart from the fact that social media can be used to launder your image, it is also a way to get customers emotionally attached to your brand unconsciously.

Email Marketing

We will also get several customers to subscribe to your newsletter so that we can also market your products to them. One reason we enjoy email marketing is that it allows us to track all the mails we sent out because the ones that aren’t delivered will be sent back.

Google Adwords

We also engage in Google Adwords and Paid-Per-Click marketing to increase your return on investment (ROI) tremendously. While you may be familiar with all the techniques listed above, you may not be familiar with web scraping. It is the new business competition technique and it has been discussed in details below.

Web Scraping

Web scraping is simply the process of developing programs, robots, or bots that can extract content, data, and images from websites. While screen scraping can only copy pixels displayed onscreen, web scraping scrapes all HTML code with all the data stored in a database. It can then produce an exact replica of the website somewhere else.

We will help you to continuously extract necessary information from your competitors’ sites to be able to monitor their activities. This technique is nothing but business espionage. It is very effective since the more you know about your competitors, the higher your chances of beating them.

This is why web scraping is now being used in digital businesses that require harvesting of data. Some of the legal uses of web scrapers are:

    Researchers use it to extract data from social media and forums Companies use bots to extract prices from competitors’ websites for price comparison Search engine bots crawl sites regularly for the purpose of ranking


Managed Service Provider Green Bay
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