Do Wi-Fi Mesh Networks Really Provide Better Internet?

Are you curious if a Wi-Fi mesh network would boost your business’ internet speeds and reliability? Discover everything you need to know in this blog. […]

Are you curious if a Wi-Fi mesh network would boost your business’ internet speeds and reliability? Discover everything you need to know in this blog.

The Internet is an undeniably important part of any business. From email to research to cloud computing and more, it is a factor in almost every daily task that you and your employees undertake.

Why bother with anything less than the best Wi-Fi connection available to you? In this article we’ll explore the crucial necessity of Wi-Fi, and whether a “Mesh Network” model is the right choice for your business.

To start, let’s explore why Wi-Fi is so important…

The Consequences Of Poor Wi-Fi


Your team needs a strong Internet connection to get a majority of daily tasks done, but with slow Wi-Fi, each and every one of those tasks takes longer. This means your employees spend more time waiting on the Wi-Fi to start their work and less time completing their tasks, which takes a toll on your business' productivity. Plus, what if you bring in guests or business partners and they can’t get on the Wi-Fi when needed?


Given your Internet connection's central nature to your business, the return you can determine from almost any investment is likely affected by it. Whether it be the hourly wages for your employees or the equipment purchased and maintained to provide your internet connection, slow Wi-Fi negatively affects the return on each and every part of your business.


For companies with multiple buildings, multiple locations, or very large offices, does the Wi-Fi work great at one end of the building but not the other? Your Wi-Fi should not only be strong, but it should be consistent across your location(s) as well.

For all these reasons, Wi-Fi is a critical part of your business’ daily operations. In light of that, it’s important to consider new wireless solutions that may further improve your Internet access and speed. Case in point: the “mesh” network…

What Is A Wi-Fi Mesh Network?

A Wi-Fi mesh network is a type of wireless internet configuration that can provide better coverage and speeds than traditional Wi-Fi networks. This system works by using multiple Wi-Fi access points (or nodes) to create a unified Wi-Fi network. The nodes are linked together with each other, allowing for the seamless sharing of internet resources between them.

This ensures that Wi-Fi coverage is available throughout the entire mesh network, rather than having Wi-Fi signals fading out in certain areas. The advantages of a Wi-Fi mesh network are many. For one, it eliminates the need for multiple routers and Wi-Fi extenders as all nodes are connected to each other and can be managed from a single central interface.

It also allows for maximum Wi-Fi coverage, eliminating dead zones and blind spots in the home or office. This helps improve Wi-Fi performance by allowing users to access the internet from any corner of their space.

Another benefit of Wi-Fi mesh networks is that they are more secure than traditional Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi mesh network encrypts data packets as they are passed between nodes, making it difficult for attackers to access the Wi-Fi network and gain unauthorized access to personal information.

That said, Wi-Fi mesh networks also have some drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is that Wi-Fi mesh networks are more expensive than traditional Wi-Fi networks.

This is because Wi-Fi mesh networks require multiple Wi-Fi access points and may also involve additional hardware such as a router or Wi-Fi extender. Additionally, Wi-Fi mesh networks can be complicated to set up and maintain, which requires technical knowledge and expertise that most laypeople do not have.

Do Wi-Fi Mesh Networks Really Provide Better Internet?

When properly deployed, a mesh network can boost speed and reliability in comparison to a conventional network. However, the many “hops” that connections have to make between nodes can cause lags and delays.

Mesh networks are ideal for large business locations that need to be seamlessly connected together. If configured carefully and maintained properly, they can provide a fast and effective network.

Overall, Wi-Fi mesh networks are a great way to improve Wi-Fi coverage in larger areas and ensure maximum Wi-Fi performance. They provide excellent Wi-Fi security and can be managed from a single central interface.

However, they come with additional costs and may involve complicated setup processes that require technical expertise. Therefore, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of Wi-Fi mesh networks before investing in one.

What Are The 3 Must-Have Features For Your Wi-Fi?

The right Wi-Fi solution will offer a comprehensive range of benefits and solutions, including:

Managed and Scalable Wi-Fi Infrastructure

Instead of just setting up a few routers and hoping for the best, the right Wi-Fi solution ensures that the specific needs of the business (down to the different areas and demand on the solution) are taken into account. The right Wi-Fi solution would allow you to scale the connectivity and available speed based on the demand and area.

Enterprise-Class Security

Business Wi-Fi networks are popular among cybercriminals these days. If they’re not properly secured, it provides a simple way for external parties to access business data. A key aspect of good Wi-Fi is that it keeps your staff safe via a range of industry-standard security features, such as password protection and robust encryption.

Regular Hardware Refreshes

It’s unusually common for businesses to rely on technology that’s long been out of date. Especially when it comes to Wi-Fi, people will often assume that one router is as good as the next—this simply isn’t true. A core part of good Wi-Fi is ensuring the hardware is continually updated on a regular basis to ensure a high-quality connection and low risk of failure.

What’s The Simplest Way To Implement High-Quality Wi-Fi?

The best way to deliver ideal Wi-Fi is with support from an expert IT services company—N-Tech Consulting. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help you implement a reliable, robust and powerful Wi-Fi solution.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post.

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