What is a Technology Assessment?

What is a Tech Assessment?

Having poor technology within your business can be detrimental by lowering employee morale and efficiency. We all know someone who is constantly explaining to their fellow employees the ideal technology they need to complete a flawless shift. Utilizing N-Tech Consulting as your primary Managed Services Provider will not only make you and your employees' day-to-day run seamlessly, but boost Security and productivity. 

A Tech Assessment with N-Tech Consulting will identify any and all occurring issues and findings but will also reduce Cyber Threats

What will be reviewed during a Tech Assessment?

1. Network

During the Tech Assessment N-Tech Consulting will review your current Network, identifying configuration issues, bandwidth congestion, and access WIFI signal strength.

2. Security

During the Tech Assessment N-Tech Consulting will identify vulnerabilities and provide a solution on how to fix the gaps in security as well as prevent it from happening again.

3. Hardware

During the Tech Assessment N-Tech Consulting will examine all software and hardware to ensure there are no failures and that everything is up to date.

4. Storage

During the Tech Assessment N-Tech Consulting will examine adequacy of back-ups, frequency of backups, and review capacity of systems.

Do you question why you and your practice spend multiple hours a week resolving IT issues within the office? Are you looking for a solution to these recurring issues and are looking to have a Tech Assessment done? If your answer is yes, schedule a meeting with one of our sales consultants to see how we can be your primary Managed Services Provider.

How to Make Informed Technology Decisions for your Business

Many businesses, especially now, are trying to cut costs and save money. IT services can be pretty costly, and we are sure you have eyeballed those line items and wondered, "Do we really need to be spending this money?"   At N-Tech Consulting, we want to help you implement strategies and solutions that will save you money in the long run. Flexibility is now vital for success, and we want to make sure your IT solutions can support you through whatever changes you might have to make down the road. Here is our advice on evaluating if you need to be spending the money or not- it is pretty simple.   

Ask yourself, "what is the potential risk and cost of that risk if I don't invest in this service?"

When it comes to technology services and solutions, the role they play in your business is a vital one. Experiencing a data breach of sensitive customer data, having your network go down and halting all internal work, having your website hacked and redirecting to a malicious one, losing your invaluable company data- in almost every scenario where technology fails, the impacts are catastrophic for your business.   

The best way to save money on IT is to have skilled professionals handling it.  

Technology services should be looked at similarly to legal or accounting services. IT is a very technical field. The average person is not skilled enough to provide even the bare minimum necessary to keep your business up and running. You wouldn't hire a lawyer to draft important contracts; you wouldn't stumble through filing your business's taxes- you shouldn't leave the responsibility of managing your technology to yourself or an untrained employee. Doing so will inevitably result in time and resources wasted.   

Hire an IT service provider that is invested in your success.   

Beyond making sure you aren't vulnerable to costly cyberattacks or network downtime, a great IT provider can also help you decide which technology tools to invest in that can increase your employee's efficiency, reduce your workload, and be flexible enough to stay useful as your business grows and evolves.   

At N-Tech, not only are we skilled in maintaining and securing your network, we are interested in making sure your technology tools are being utilized to their full potential. We will work with you to determine your business goals and what we can do to help you reach them.

If you have been neglecting your business's technology or are simply looking to find better solutions and want help evaluating your current spending and tool utilization, we would be happy to help you out. You can book a call with us at any time here.