Why You Should Invest in a Website?

These days, every company needs a professional website. Along with needing a website, it also needs to be updated and not left untouched for years. Design trends are constantly changing; in a year, your site could be out of date and not appealing to the eye. In this day and age, websites typically give potential customers their first impression. With that being said, you want the first impression to be a good one. Think about when you are looking to make a purchase, odds are you go to the internet and visit various websites until you find exactly what you are looking for. Websites help companies gain new customers; with that element missing or not up to date, you could be missing out on so many opportunities. It doesn’t matter if your company is B2B or B2C, having a website is very important.

Many people don’t want to admit it, but they judge a book by its cover. The same thing happens when visiting a website. You can probably think of a time or two when you’ve visited a website, cringed looking at it and left. People want to see new things and when visiting a website that is clearly out of date or with no effort put into it, the wrong impression may be given. Having a website and keeping it updated shows customers that you are willing to invest in your company. If you are not willing to invest in your company, then why would a customer want to invest in you and your business.

Odds are your competition has a website. If they are online and you are not, then you are already behind the competition. Being competitive is hard when your competition is the first thing customers see when they are searching the web. If you do have a website, but it’s not as professional and updated as your competition, as stated previously, customers may be willing to switch to the competition. On the other hand, if you have a website and your competition doesn’t, then you have a better chance at gaining customers.

Unlike a physical office, having a website means it can be accessed 24/7 on any device as long as there is an internet connection. Now, with today’s technology, a website can be designed to work on a mobile device, which can make it very easy for customers to find you. No matter where they are, they can contact you after work hours by email or calling. If items can be purchased from your website, customers can order anything with a few simple clicks instead of having to call during work hours. When a customer has a question relating to anything about your business, they can go to your website and gather more information about your company.

Having a website can only benefit you in the end. It will show potential customers that you are willing to invest in yourself. A website can make your company more competitive. It also allows customers to access it 24/7 to answer any questions they may have or contact you. Here at N-Tech, our designers will build your dream site, making it appealing to the eye, so customers will want to come back.

The Marketing Strategy Behind Geofencing

Odds are, you have heard of geofencing or have experienced it at some point in your life.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a marketing strategy used by several businesses. Think of it like this, the businesses set up a virtual boundary (don’t worry the virtual boundary is completely invisible) around an area where they believe their target customers are. Once a target customer enters the boundary, they are able to target their ads and promotions towards you. Typically, businesses set up geofences around a specific business or event. For example, American Eagle is having a sale and they set up a text that sends when a potential customer enters the geofenced area.Why does my business need to use geofencing? There are several ways geofencing can benefit your business:

  1. Most people these days spend time on their phone and with geofencing, it’s an easy way to reach and connect with them. If they are within your geofenced area, they will receive a message or ad about your product or service!
  2. Growing brand awareness is important and with geofencing you can reach repeat and potential customers.
  3. Using this tactic allows you to attract visits to your location.
  4. If a customer leaves your location, you can send them a survey, which will give you a better insight on your business and their experience.
  5. You could snatch some of your competitors' customers by offering a better deal.
  6. Geofencing makes it easy to retarget customers who have visited your location or competitor's location.

Why Digital Marketing is so Important?

In the past, traditional marketing such as commercials, direct mail, and billboards were used to connect with consumers about products or services. These tools are still used, but with the constant changes in technology, businesses of all sizes are trying everything to stay competitive. Unlike in the past, consumers are using technology on a daily basis. Majority of adults have their phone within reach at all times. In response to this, companies are beginning to increase their use of digital marketing to reach a larger audience. Social media, a component of digital marketing, is also being used more to help connect with current and potential customers. These tools provide great ways to help businesses grow.

Digital marketing helps level the playing field for all businesses to compete. Previously, only larger businesses had resources for sales and marketing, making it difficult for smaller businesses to compete because traditional marketing was so expensive. Digital marketing is now more affordable and effective allowing smaller businesses to push their content locally and across the country. Since the content can be pushed to anywhere a company wants at a low cost, there is an increase in brand awareness and can lead to more engagement. Being digital means that it is easier for consumers to share, which in turn can lead to more sales.

Social media helps generate traffic to your site. It is a perfect way to get consumers to share the content with their friends and family. Majority of people say that they would trust information about a product or service if they hear it from someone they know. With consumers sharing their experience with a product or services not only reaches one group of people, but it also reaches a more diverse group. By sharing content, social media informs consumers about your business, but it also gets them involved in conversations. One of the best parts about social media is that you can post ads for free. If you want the ads to reach more people, you can target your audiences and set the price that you are willing to spend for certain ads. It is very easy to target your goal audience by setting up the right demographics, such as, gender, age, location, and interests. Using social media is a great way to reach your target audiences at a low cost.

Although traditional marketing tactics are still used today, digital marketing is pretty much killing billboards, radio ads, and commercials. With that being said, it is basically a no brainer as to if companies should begin using digital marketing. If done right, the use of digital marketing can be very cost effective and help a business grow, but it can also be a time-consuming task. So, if you need help or just don’t have the time, allow us to help get your business in front of the right people and make your business succeed by calling (855) 711-6601 or email sales@ntech.io.

The Importance of Branding Your Business

Brands are everywhere. There are probably some that you absolutely love and others that you hate. What many people don’t understand is that a brand is much more than a logo. Yes, the logo is a large part of your brand, however, branding encompasses everything the customer experiences, such as your staff, social media experience, website, or your store. If you had a bad experience with one of the employees or didn’t think a store was clean or organized, you may not be willing to purchase something from that particular brand again. Many businesses do not spend the time thinking about their brand and how important it is.

Your brand can help set your company apart from its competitors. With today’s technology, you are competing not only with the companies near you, the competition also includes companies all over the world. Customers will pay higher prices if your brand can offer something different from a competitor that they perceive as valuable. For example, there are some people that prefer to purchase items from Amazon compared to a brick-and-mortar store. Some consumers may be willing to purchase something if a brand is more sustainable than its competitor. Branding shows customers what makes your product or service worth their time and money.

When purchasing something you typically go with a product or service that you know what to expect when purchasing it. People know what they like and will typically stick with a product when they finally find one that satisfies them. By being able to do that, brands are able to keep a large number of customers that are loyal to them. There are customers that will always choose Apple over Android because they know they are going to get a similar looking device that has all the same bells and whistles as before with possible design and layout changes. The same thing happens with Pepsi and Coke products. Some people will not have soda at a restaurant if they don’t have the right brand. Having a brand and being able to build up that trust with customers is very important because it will keep them coming back and staying loyal. Along with creating loyal customers, brands can create loyal employees. Typically, when searching for a job, people want to work for a company that shares the same values and can agree with what they are doing. If employees are working for a place that they are proud of, then they are more willing to use word of mouth to share your company name with their friends and family.   Branding can help grow your reputation. Keeping your brand image consistent can help grow its reputation. When people see and experience your brand, it should deliver a message, confirm your credibility, and motivate customers to buy. Having a great logo that is simple and memorable can help make a great impression on your audience. Here at N-Tech Consulting, we can revamp your company’s brand or create a new brand with a branding strategy that can separate you from your competition. We will work with you to create the logo of your dreams and give your company an identity. To learn more or to start your branding journey visit https://ntech.io/marketing/branding/ for additional information.

What is Review Generation?

With today’s technology, word of mouth may seem like a thing of the past. However, word of mouth is still relevant today and it continues to be just as powerful. The internet makes it so much easier for people to let others know about their experience with a company. Online reviews are pretty much today’s word of mouth marketing. Review generation is getting more customer reviews for your company on sites such as Facebook, Yelp, Google, and many more. Generating these reviews is very important. The more reviews your company has (hopefully they are positive ones) the better, because they can make or break your company.

One of the main reasons why reviews are so important is because they can help increase sales. People trust online reviews and are more likely to purchase something and spend more with a company if there are positive reviews about it. There has probably been a time where you were looking at a product or service and went to look at the reviews and there were none. Odds are you probably didn’t buy that product or service. No one wants to waste their money on something that no one has tried yet. Reviews give people the information they need to decide if they actually want to purchase your product or service

Online reviews are the place where consumers can go to express their feelings towards your company. Being able to see what consumers think about your company always helps. It doesn’t matter if they are good or bad because they help you learn what consumers like or dislike. They will tell you if you are doing a good job, or what you are doing wrong and how you can make changes to improve. This allows you to then better understand and serve your consumers. If there happened to be any bad reviews, you can quickly resolve any issues they had, creating a positive consumer experience. The positive reviews will allow you to see what you should continue doing.

Positive reviews can increase your website's visibility. The more people that talk about your brand online, the more visible it will become on sites such as Google or Yahoo. Being more visible online means there is a higher chance that your sales will increase. You want your site to be more visible because typically, consumers will click the first couple of websites that pop up right away. If you aren’t as visible, then consumers would have to search a little deeper to find it and that may seem like a waste of time for them. It is important to try and generate as many reviews as possible. This can be done by asking customers to rate and review your company, feedback forms, engaging customers online, and many other ways. Reviews can be very beneficial even if there are some that are negative. There is always something that you can learn from reviews that can help improve your company.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Switch to Office 365

Are you guilty of using the same outdated technology, even though new and improved platforms and solutions are available? 

Good Enough vs. Highly Productive


First of all, you’re not the only one. Many businesses have claimed that the current platforms they are using are “good enough”, though not perfect. Their employees know how the systems work, and decision-makers think it would be a hassle to move all the data onto a new platform.  The problem with sticking to an older platform is that available support diminishes over time.  Eventually, you will be forced to switch programs, so why not get the benefits right away, so you can be more productive, as opposed to waiting for the inevitable change? Microsoft’s Office 365 is a perfect example of a great platform that can help your company become much more productive.

Livin’ in the Cloud

With Office 365 you can work anywhere at any time.  Since it is cloud-based, employees no longer need to be at their desks to access data and be productive.  You can create, edit, and share items with colleagues from phones, tablets, and laptops in any location.  This is a great fit for today’s workforce where many employees work “remotely”: at coffee shops, from their home, or other locations.  All they need is an internet connection and they can be on their way to getting stuff done! 

Feeling Insecure?

Being able to access everything from anywhere may cause some to question  how secure the platform is, but data security in the cloud is no longer an issue.  Office 365 has built-in security and continuous compliance.  You can see where your data is at all times and know exactly who has access to it.  If should ever lose your device, you can clear all the data.  And, since the data is secure in the cloud, wiping the information from your device won’t cause you to lose it permanently, since you can access it from another location. This also allows you to move personal data from your device without losing the data. Office 365 also comes with protection and back up options to ease your mind about the risk of data loss.

Waiting Around vs. Quick Updates


Other advantages of 365 are some of the new features and bug updates.  Users are given instant access to updates and bug fixes as soon as they are available.  This is a huge improvement over past plans when you had to wait years for Microsoft to release its next new product, which would offer fixes and updates.  Getting instant access to updates and bug fixes means that everyone has the same version of Microsoft Office, and changes are made at the same time, so no one is forced to wait for updates.  This makes Office 365 easier to manage.

Making the Switch

Sooner or later you will have to switch from your outdated technology to the latest product.  Office 365 is a great platform for companies.  As your business grows, Office 365 can grow with it.  This means that you can pay for additional services and storage, as needed, and a large amount of storage is offered for a reasonable price.  You no longer need to buy new hard drives for storage.  Transitioning everything over to Office 365 and encouraging employees to adopt the new program may be a lot of work, but in the end it will pay off.

How Graphic Design Can Set You Apart From the Competition

It sets you apart

Have you ever bought a product because it looked better than another? Of course you have, everyone has done it at some point in their life. Odds are, similar products are out there that happen to be just like yours, same pricing and everything. Your design is what will set your products apart from its competition.  

First impressions matter

Graphic design is important when it comes to making a good first impression. Think about it, when you hear about a new brand you probably research it a little bit and go to their website. The way your site is designed will say a lot about your brand. Or, think about when you are talking to someone and they give you their business card; even the way their card is designed is important in making a first impression.

Makes your brand memorable

There have probably been several times where you can’t remember the name of a brand, but can describe their packaging or colors, or some sort of design element that sticks with us. That’s why it’s important to add a distinct design technique such as color, texture, or packaging to ensure that your brand stays memorable. Who cares if a customer can’t remember your name, at least they will remember what you look like when they are shopping!

Helps convey your information

You know the common saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? It’s true. Most of the time words cannot effectively convey information, but a well-designed graphic can. Let’s face it, most people don’t want to read something would rather look at an image if it can provide them with all of the information they need.