N-Tech in the Dental Industry

Here at N-Tech Consulting, we recognize how important the dental industry is and what it takes to keep it running smoothly. There is no time for bumps in the road that slow down production. Dental is one of our primary industries we work in and it displays a variety of solutions we offer, such as, in-network support and application security with a help desk that is accessible 24/7. Our goal is to provide dental offices with innovative solutions so they can focus on what is most important: their business. By teaming up with us, you can expect onsite support, virus protection, centralized services, upgrade & patch management, backup planning & sustainment, and remote desk support. We are dedicated to you and your business and want to help you succeed in any way possible.

Helping with your technology problems to make sure everything continues to run smoothly is our top priority. We provide a Remote Support Desk and Vendor Management of your IT network, accessible Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am-5:00pm, excluding holidays. If an issue arises, we provide customers with a company portal and there they can create a ticket so the issue can be assigned to the proper technician. There is also the option to email or give us a call for help.

When comparing N-Tech to other companies for your dentistry needs, you might be thinking that we all do the same thing. What makes us different from others is our process. Other companies only solve part of the problem that can be seen. At N-Tech, we know there is more to it and just like in the dental world, we go to the root of the problem to solve it. We even acknowledge that there is more than one solution. During our process, we make sure our customers know exactly what we are doing, why it is being done, and how it ties into their business. At the end of each day, we hope to have your technology cleaned and polished just like in the dental industry.

Adopt a Security-First Mindset with DenTech Complete

All businesses worry about data security, and those that must meet compliance requirements even more so. It can be paralyzing to sort through the articles and ads, screaming that a single data breach could both financially cripple your business and ruin your reputation. As a dental practice owner, your problem isn’t a lack of awareness of the threats but a lack of resources to get secure and stay compliant. We recommend adopting a security-first approach and ingraining cybersecurity methodologies into your practice. 

Compliance standards and regulations attempt to establish best practices for data security. Using a security-first approach to compliance strengthens your information stance while easing your compliance burden. Security-first is a mindset. In every business decision, your first question should be, “how does this impact our security?” You need to take a holistic approach to your practice’s security and never make it an afterthought.  

It can be tough to adopt this mindset and put it into fruition, and you might not even know what to consider when evaluating security impacts. We can help.

We created DenTech Complete in partnership with the Wisconsin Dental Association Insurance & Services Corp to offer dental practices the IT support and resources necessary to stay up and running, secure, and compliant. With our DenTech Complete Premium platform, we get you secure from every possible angle with:

If you’re ready to stop worrying about your dental practice’s security and compliance, give us a call. You can book an introductory call with us anytime here. We can help remove the guesswork from security and compliance and give you time back to devote to your patients.

6 Ways Leveraging Technology Can Grow Your Dental Practice

Is your dental practice taking full advantage of technology — or are you just making do with what you have? From treatment technology to information technology and even the office equipment that your front desk team uses, here are six ways the right type of technology can help grow your dental practice.

  1. More efficiency means more patient appointments. Outdated hardware and software slow everything down. If the technology you rely on to run your business is down, you run the risk of losing patients' trust and overall credibility - not to mention revenue. Without current X-ray technology, for example, you may have to redo X-rays over and over to get them right, annoying patients and stressing your staff out. Updating your practice so that all your tech tools work seamlessly together will streamline treatments and help you get patients in and out of chairs faster. It will help patients refer. It will ensure your business keep humming along with new patient appointments. 
  2. It helps educate patients on treatments they need. Have you ever had a patient put off a serious treatment for years, like a cavity? 62% of patients put off serious treatments simply because they are not educated on the importance of the treatment, the next steps, or the impacts. Dental practices that use high resolution cameras and LCD screens to educate patients on treatments they need find they are more successful with encouraging patient to schedule in a return appointment and take care of the problem immediately. Educating patients is now a responsibility for dentists - and finding a technology partner that can help you leverage technology to do this effectively is the first step. 
  3. Your staff members are enabled to drive new business. When equipment isn't functioning properly or technology that adds unnecessary effort to processes, your staff can't focus on the patient experience. Helping patients make new appointments, confirm existing appointments, suggesting follow up appointments- these tasks are all essential to recurring revenue. Having an outsourced resource that can be held accountable 100% for technology can free up your front desk staff and ensure your practice is focused on the patient. 
  4. Your patients, and your reputation, is protected. Outdated software and poor cybersecurity practices can put your patients' personal health data at risk of being stolen — and put your practice at risk of noncompliance with HIPAA regulations. You should never skimp on technology that provides security for your office’s networks, computers and devices. If your dental practice suffers a breach, like many do, you will not only have to pay enormous unexpected fees, but your patients will never trust your practice with their personal information again. 
  5. It makes your practice more profitable. You may be leery of investing in expensive new technology for fear it will hurt the bottom line. However, if you run the numbers and consider the increased efficiency that new technology can bring to your office, you will generally see that the return on investment in new technology will happen sooner than you think. Working with a technology partner that provides quarterly ROI reports can help you determine just how much to invest in technology on a regular basis. 
  6. It improves patient response and show up rate. Up-to-date technology software helps ensure that patients never miss an appointment. Communication apps can track when patients are due for hygiene appointments, send them automatic reminders about upcoming appointments, and even contact dormant patients to get them back in the office. Plus, you can communicate with patients by email, text or voice — however they prefer. You could be missing out on new and recurring patient appointments simply because you didn't follow up. Working with a technology partner can help set up these tools so your staff can automate patient communication.

Why does your practice need HIPAA compliant encrypted email?

Are you sending PHI (Protected Health Information) with a free email service like Yahoo or AOL? Those services generally have non-compliant privacy policies and zero email security. Don’t expose your practice to a HIPAA violation. In 2018 alone, a record of $28.7 million of HIPAA enforcements was levied against practices just like yours.

HIPAA still allows for electronic communications, such as email, but there are regulations to keep in mind. You want to make you’re doing everything you can to protect patient privacy and keep their PHI safe and secure.

Our Den Tech Complete Secure Email solution helps your practice keep your patients PHI secure, both at rest and in transit.

Encrypting all your email, or just some if you prefer, is easy with Protected Trust. Protected Trust, a market-leading email encryption service, also integrates directly into many popular EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems.

Did you know that nearly 39% of all HIPAA breaches in 2019 were via email?

DenTech Complete Secure Email allows you to:

  1. Send attachments up to 1 Gigabyte in size, and trust us, that’s huge!
  2. Retain all messages for at least 7 years
  3. Intelligent message controls; verification method, expiration, etc.
  4. Revoke messages
  5. EHR Integration
  6. Send secure email from ALL your devices
  7. Real-Time Proof of Delivery

An email encryption service needs to be easy for the recipients. DenTech Complete, with Protected Trust, doesn’t require recipients to register for any special accounts. And don’t forget, sometimes your patient needs to reply to you securely as well. DenTech Complete Secure Email has you covered there too.

Let us help you meet your compliance requirements, improve your workflow, and reduce your risk today.

N-Tech & WDA Insurance and Services Corp new approach to dental IT

We are proud to announce a new partnership between N-Tech Consulting and WDA Insurance & Services Corp. This joint partnership will support Dental, Orthodontic & Specialty practices in the surrounding Wisconsin counties. This partnership will provide dentists support capabilities for everything from desktop and hardware management to data backups.  

N-Tech is a well-versed technical team which with years of experience supporting both large-scale and local corporations. With a partner-first mentality, our teams will work closely with you to focus on areas that drive your business forward. By understanding where you are today, we assist in identifying goals for tomorrow and develop plans to get you there.

As a Microsoft Partner, N-Tech is a top choice in leveraging the power of Microsoft products and services. When looking to drive collaboration and innovation within your organization, our team can help you find the solution that fits your business best. Our goal is to equip your business with the appropriate knowledge and education on technology and forthcoming dental changes.

With our partner WDA Insurance & Services Corp.  we are proud to announce DenTech Complete.  DenTech Complete provides two different packages to protect your practice.

Den Tech Complete Premium

While data back-up and encrypted email services are essential components of cyber risk management, we believe that a more robust approach is necessary. We offer safeguards to protect against ransomware and offer faster solutions to bring your practice back online in the event of a security breech.  To ensure you are less vulnerable to security breaches and in compliance with HIPAA regulations.  DenTech Complete Premium will encompass the best of breed security and HIPPA compliant compute solutions. This offering of services includes an employee cybersecurity training program and the opportunity to qualify for cyber insurance at a discounted rate.

Den Tech Complete Essential

This package will include on-site back-up service with cloud support for up to 2TB of storage and encrypted email services. These services include Hybrid Back-Up with and On-Site Device, Ransomware Detection and Notification, and Quicker Restoration Times with the Fastest Fail Time Objective (FTO) available. 

We are thrilled to announce these offerings and look forward to discussing them with you.

WDA Cyber Security 2020

Just because we, as business owners, are following government guidelines doesn’t mean the Cybercriminals are following them too.  While we are working to protect our businesses, employees, friends and family from COVID-19, Cybercriminals are utilizing the global crisis to target businesses. From posing as resources for COVID-19 news and information, to calling/emailing business owners and pretending to be government officials offering assistance, we all need to be ready to protect ourselves. 

Are you and your team watching for malicious emails? 

Is your remote access solution secure? The two easiest ways for Cybercriminals to get access to your servers/systems is by stealing your passwords from unsuspecting staff via phishing or by attacking an improperly configured / unsecured remote access solution.

Ask yourself, have you done these things to protect your office? Has your technology provider?


  1. Is ALL of your critical data being backed up?  Servers, Cloud Storage, Email?
  2. Does your backup solution automatically backup off-site?  If not, are you taking a copy offsite regularly? Have you checked the off-site copies?
Remote Access
  1. Does your remote access solution require Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?  Eg. You have to provide a code from an authenticator app when you login. Not just a username and password.
  2. Are the computers you’re using to remotely access the office patched and running anti-virus?
  3. Is your business using Remote Desktop aka RDP for remote access?  Make sure your technology provider clearly understands how to secure remote desktop and that access is behind a secure gateway or VPN.
  4. Are you using strong passwords or multi-word passphrases AND MFA on as many applications/systems as you can?
  5. Avoid open wi-fi hotspots and only utilize wi-fi networks with WPA2 or WPA3 security.
  6. Don’t let your children or other family members use your work computer or the computer you use for connecting to the office.
  7. When you walk away from your computer, make sure you log out or lock the screen. Hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete and Selecting Lock Screen or Hitting the Windows Key + L will lock it quickly.
Phishing Attacks or other Social Manipulation

As always, Cybercriminals are leveraging current events to manipulate and swindle business owners.  If you receive emails about COVID-19, business relief loans, tax returns or other related items, be very cautious and do your best to verify the authenticity of the emails. These types of phishing attacks are crafted to manipulate you into clicking links or opening attachments that look safe but are in fact malicious. 

A COVID-19 or related Phishing Email may include:

How can you identify a phishing email?
  1. Place your cursor over the link and a pop-up should show the URL the link actually goes to.  Make sure it matches up with where the link says it is going.
  2. Carefully check the FROM email address to verify the name on the email and the address is from a known sender.
  3. Once you click a link, make sure it takes you to the site you expected by checking the URL bar at the top of your browser.
  4. If you click on a link and it asks you to login, think twice before entering your credentials. Is this an Office365 login on a random site?  Does the information the site is asking for make sense?  Don’t just blindly login.